Me & my Nephew, Luke.

Me & my Nephew, Luke.

About Michael Sullivan

User Experience Method Actor

I strive to make frustration-free interfaces. Digital products should make life easier for people. And quality interfaces—properly designed and built—allow people to do what they need with as little friction as possible. Good UI design doesn’t insist that users yield to our way of doing something. Instead, we put ourselves in the shoes of the user—understand the essential problem—and gauge their expectations, motivations, and current familiarity with interface paradigms.

And that's why I distill complicated and challenging user experiences into simple and elegant solutions. Because good design is usable—and beautiful. With a mastery of composition, balance, symmetry, typography and brand identity, I understand what makes UX good or bad. I think in terms of design systems—and sew together atomic design components that work on any device. 

Attentive to annoyances or interruptions—big or small—in the user experience, I constantly search for better ways. From start to finish, I think through and identify challenges for the user, find practical solutions, mock them up in detail, test them, and work with engineers to build them. Internally, I'm a steadfast advocate for the user. And I believe a great user experience is good for business.