A sales playbook that can keep up

A perennial problem of the enterprise is ramping up new sales hires. A client came to us with this problem and a thorough static playbook. Their institutional knowledge of how to sell to their market was comprehensive. The problem was transmitting the huge amount of experience collected. 60 page PDFs were overwhelming and not being read by the sales force. They needed something more intelligent. Something that presented the learning material as the situation called for it.

Introduction View

Our goal in designing the playbook was to provide the rep with everything he needed to know to start selling. Although there would most likely be other training involved, we worked of the assumption that there wouldn’t be. This allowed us to imagine a tool that would a be a complete canon of the best sales techniques.

From the home screen a rep can choose to practice, present or edit the playbook. Splitting Present and Practice allows the user to have a different content for internal use versus content they show to the customer.

Market Vertical 

The playbook content slides in from the left providing choices about the target customer. Each item has additional information on each market segment. In our client's case, they provided their reps with talk tracks; specific dialogs tailored to each segment. They have had great success shortening the sales training ramp with this feature.

Persona View

As the rep learns more about their prospect, new panels slide in. In this case the Salesperson Persona includes marketing materials specific to their needs.

There is no (technical) limit to the number of levels the playbook can present. A company can fully detail every possible situation a sales rep might encounter.

Moving between levels is done by swiping left and right, and if a user needs to jump back, they can simply tap on the panel stub.

Tapping a marketing asset will launch the file in full screen. To be presented or shared via email.

Content View

Sharing files is very flexible. A user can send them one-off or add multiple to a share bucket to send at the end of the presentation.

Edit Mode

A company's sales playbook is a living document needing updating as the collective knowledge is gained in the field. We though this should be done right in-line. All text on screen becomes editable when clicked and we’ve incorporated an extensive icon font library to cover almost need for the panel header.