Lighting-quick transit information for commuters

Ridetime is a product for public transit agencies, it allows them to publish and distribute transit times to their riders. From the transit riders perspective, Ridetime is a no-nonsense way to find out when the next bus or train is arriving, via mobile app.

Launch View

Ridetime allows for transit agencies to create a branded experience 

Main View

Ridetime is designed with the regular commuter in mind. After the branded launch screen, riders see their home screen.

Ridetime was made for daily commuters. We decided to make the best experience for regular patrons. This assumes some knowledge of a city's transit system. 

Ridetime employs a search-centric navigation scheme. Riders can search destinations, stops, and routes. Autocomplete limits the amount of typing. After a period of regular use, we will suggest trips and routes based on time and location. I.E. if the rider is around work location at 5pm on a weekday, we will present the fastest trip home. 

Trip View

A trip is a series of steps that can include multiple modes of transportation. Common trip plans can be saved as a favorite.

The trip views presents the series of steps and transfers to get to a destination. It also provides a way to explore trip options. By swiping a trip segment you can see if another type of transit, say Lyft instead of walking, will substantially decrease the duration of a trip.  

Route View

See buses as they move down the route. Updating time estimates until their next stop.

Regular transit riders often ride the same few routes. By visualizing these routes with realtime bus location, riders can see at a glance how far out a bus is to a given stop. 

Stop View

Immediately see which buses are arriving or departing next and from which gate. Quickly view tailored list of the riders favorite routes.

During peak times there may more than one bus or train route servicing a riders destination. The stop view provides an overview of all upcoming departures, and a subset of the the riders favorited routes.