UpSync Interface
Organize, manage, and present on-brand materials

UpSync is a mobile sales presentation tool design for the Enterprise. It allows a sales reps to get have access to all marketing and sales material in a Range it's easily on a tablet for presentation it was born out of a internal project for a large 14 Fortune 500 company.


A small firm web and video firm in Boulder, Colorado had been working for a large, multination medical device company for many years. Over that time, projects evolved from videos of device operation and marketing materials, into websites and eventually custom application development.

Like so many enterprise companies, Covidien had a disparate sales force that needed convenient access to a burgeoning collection of marketing assets. With the help of People Productions, they developed UpSync, a marketing content platform the organized and delivered materials to the sales force via the recently released iPad. 

UpSync came about before cloud storage had taken hold. And maintained a competitive advantage over more generic providers like Box , because it allowed for granular control of assets. The system was designed around the specific domain of medical device sales. 

People Productions had retained control of the IP and codebase. So when inquires about UpSync started coming in from other companies , we  explored the possibility of offering UpSync as SASS product. 

Previous Version

The original UpSync had some critical usability issues. Core features were tedious to use. And the interface was littered with other feature elements that were seldom used.


Rethinking the Content
UpSync houses a lot of files. 10s of thousands of files for some of our clients. Search and filter is the best approach to getting to the materials you need.

Old Content View

New Content View  Search and filter by tags, divisions, regions or any other metadata. 

Mobile Experience

From the start of the redesign, we pursued a mobile-first approach. If something didn’t work on the tablet it was dropped.

Brand Refresh

When UpSync was first built in 2010, it had many innovative features. At the heart of this was a way for large enterprise companies to distribute and control sales materials. All materials were hosted in the cloud and kept in sync across thousands of sales reps.

Since then the cloud has been commoditized. It's a common feature in many apps today and not something on which to build a brand. We needed a new logo. Something that conveyed power, to distinguish ourselves from the consumer level Dropbox and box. But also spoke to the unique pain of enterprise; the perennial disconnection of sales and marketing. I designed this mark to communicate unity. UpSync gets sales and marketing on the same page.